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2010 Hitting The Wall

For the last couple years, I’ve been hitting a wall.  A squash court wall, to be exact.  And it feels great!  2010 will be a busy year making music, and I hope to fit in a lot of visits to the YMCAs in whichever city I’m working in.  Let me know if you’re up for a match when we’re in the same town.  All the best to you and yours this coming year!

“In The Box?” No, thanks.


Here’s a link to the Tascam website interview with Ocean Way’s Allen Sides.  Of interest to me is the noticeable difference between adding gain inside or outside the workstation.  For the last two years, I’ve been using the Audities R47 preamps as line level amps across the mix bus.  These are the hand-built reproductions of the REDD 47 preamps from Abbey Road Studios during the Beatles era.  They are [arguably] the finest ever made, and it is stunning what they do [again, thank you, David Kean, for bringing these units into my professional life!].  The stereo spectrum becomes clearer, the soundstage becomes deeper and the bottom end,  noticeably tighter.  All this from turning the music up outside the box. No,

Danny Deakin vocals

I’m enjoying working with this new pop singer, Danny Deakin.  Simple songs, clear emotions: the girls are gonna swoon!  Mixing over the holiday break and mastering with Hank Williams in Nashville on January 8.

Santa Clara perform in Belleville, Ontario

I had a great time contributing some moog, neuron and AIRFX  sounds to the Santa Clara tour this week.  Their songs have classic pop immediacy, and they’re getting radio adds.  And guess what?  All without a record.   There are lots of ways to  develop a music career, and these guys made a plan and are putting it into action.  Inspiring.

Santa Clara

I’m playing moog and neuron synths with Santa Clara this week.  Welcome to Ontario you BC rock stars!