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Mr Bennett – Imitation Always Fails

Enigmatic singer/songwriter from all over the planet.  We cut this record with the late Brain [Brian] Harrison in Nashville at the Rendering Plant and mixed in Toronto at Noble Street Studios [of course].  Check out the world of Mr. Bennett here.


Midnight Shine – Northern Man

I finished up the sophomore release for Midnight Shine, an epic rock / pop record called Northern Man.  So proud of what these guys have accomplished and all they represent to the Cree communities and Canada.  Their first single, “Over You,” continues to climb the Canadian Aboriginal Music Charts.  You can here clips on iTunes.  Visit the band here.



Introducing Stegall, the three-sister powerhouse band from San Francisco/Grand Bend, Ontario/Cork, Ireland!  The EP will be available this summer.  Until then, check out the first single, PREDATOR.


Alan Parsons Recording

It was an honour and also a ton of fun to play in the band being recorded by Alan Parsons … here are a few pics [thanks, Paul Reid] from the session:


Doug HH4_2323




Doug HH4_2520


Doug HH4_2530


Doug HH4_2534